Saturday, August 1, 2009

Holding down the Fort

I am in the middle of my work week. Yes, I know it is Saturday, but I have been left in charge of my in-laws shop, Le Petit Hameau, for a week while they are on vacation. I have 3 more shop days alone here with all these pretty things! I am so happy that they felt comfortable enough to leave me in charge of their "baby" while they left. It has been sort of a wet week, so I haven't seen a ton of people, but I am hoping things will get better as the weather improves. In case you are reading this and are nearby...may I entice you with this beauties......

They are hand painted nesting dolls from Russia. We just got them in about a week or so ago. I LOVE them. We have some that are very detailed and ornate with Russian folk tales painted on them, and others that are sweet little treasures that fit in any budget. You may remember from THIS POST that I have a fascination with little nesting dolls. I don't own any myself, except for my measuring cup kitchen set, but I am thinking my girls might just love for Santa to bring them a set this year for Christmas. What a sweet little family heirloom!

If you love these dolls as much as I do..check out this CUTE PARTY!

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