Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pink Skygirls Soccer

Soccer began today! Just when you thought we couldn't add another activity to our already growing list, here we are. Sarah was very excited to start again. She took the spring off, not by choice, so she was glad to get back at it. It helped too that there was a girl from her class on her team and that the uniforms were pink. Not sure how the group came to the decision of the name The Skygirls, but it is cute! Us moms think it has something to do with all the pink sunsets we have had lately. Hermosa Beach is truly a beautiful place to live.

So today was their first game. Although they played good and hard, they still got beat by the Teal Dragons 3-0. Sarah started out as goalie and gave up 2 goals, but she saved a lot more. When it was her turn on offense, she almost scored 2 herself, but just no luck today. The main thing is she had fun and it was a great day for soccer. Looking forward to a great season!

Oh yea...the girls also started dance this week. Hip Hop for Sarah and Ballet/Tap for Lauren.

Since I didn't post about their recitals this summer here are some photos from that. They both did awesome and put on great shows.

So if you are keeping score:
Lauren: gymnastics & ballet/tap
Sarah: Art, Hip Hop, Soccer, ice skating, and Irish Dance (3 times a week)
Did I mention I am trying to get her on a Brownie troop, too?? Thursday is our only open day, so if they don't meet on Thursday, we are out!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend on Coronado Island

This past weekend Sarah had a Feis (Irish Dance Competition) in San Diego. Since it is such a beautiful city and the drive could take anywhere from 3-4 hours, I decided we should go down the day before and make a little girls weekend out of it. Just me and my 2 girls!

Lucky for us, the hotel where the competition was being held had sold out, so I used that to justify getting to stay at one of the best hotels in country, Hotel del Coronado. I had visited this hotel in the past, but had never actually stayed. It did not disappoint. The girls loved it so much we already are trying to figure out when we should go back. Out hotel room was probably our least favorite part, but it was still nice. We did not reserve an ocean view room, but we did have a small view of the bay from the back side of the hotel. This turned out to be good because we got to see fireworks later that night.
The views from our room

The first thing we did was shop and do a little scavenger hunt they had set up for the girls. They got to go on the hunt for stickers at different locations around the hotel. Once they got all of them, then they got a prize out of the treasure chest at the kids club. We then went to the beach and it was quite nice. The sand was soft and the beach very flat. It was an easy walk out to the waves. (Here in Hermosa it can feel like quite the trek most times) The water was too freezing for my liking, but it didn't seem to bother the girls. After the beach we went up to the pool and I let Sarah swim for a little bit. Lauren lounged poolside like the little princess she is.

My favorite little shop

After that we went back to the room and got ready for dinner. We had a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant Sheerwater. (This is 1 of about 4-5 restaurants at the hotel) When that was done we headed back out to the beach for some sunset pictures. Thankfully the girls amused me and let me take about 200 pictures of them. It usually takes that many for me to really get some good shots. Then it was ice cream and off to bed.

The next morning we enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the hotel. It was amazing. Then we headed down the road to the competition. Sarah did great as usual. This time she placed 1st in the Hornpipe, 2nd in the St. Patrick's Day dance, 3rd in the Light Jig, and 4th in the Reel and Single Jig. She had a lot of fun and we all did the whole weekend. It went by too fast!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

1st Day of 2nd Grade

One of my all time favorite writers is James Barrie. He was the author of Peter Pan. If you ever go searching through his writings and his quotes, you will find he wrote a lot about growing up, having hope in the unknown, relishing being young, and about childhood dreams in general. One of my favorite ones I found from the movie Finding Neverland, was this one:

"Young boys (or girls) should never be sent to bed, for when they wake up they are a day older."

Now whether or not Mr. Barrie himself actually uttered these words or it was a line written in the script for Johnny Depp to read (he played Barrie in the movie), is beside the point. It has great meaning for me and on days such as yesterday when you take your baby to school and you realize she in the 2nd grade, you sort of wonder, where the time has gone.

Sarah and her BFF

I am so grateful I have a child that loves school. I am sure there will come a day when she does not, but for now she is absolutely giddy with excitement. Even when we found out she only knew 3 boys in her hew class and no girls, she wasn't phased a bit. She is a very social girl and has never had a problem making new friends. She loves being around all her friends, she loves learning new things, she loves wearing new school clothes, and she seems to like her new teacher. As a mom, it makes me happy knowing that when I drop her off everyday, the place she spends the majority of her childhood, is a happy place for her.

She said yesterday, "Mom before you know it, I will be in the 3rd grade" and I responded with, "Before I know it you will be going off to college!" Sort of makes me not want to put her to bed tonight and just hold her close and try to keep her from growing up.

Mr. Barrie knew a thing or 2 about children and life and about how as humans it is a struggle to deal with the fact that things change and will never be the same. I feel I can relate to so much of what James Barrie wrote about and cared about. I encourage you to watch Peter Pan again (and this time, not through the eyes of a child.) I also encourage you to watch this movie:

Not only is Johnny Depp amazing as ever, but it is such a touching, beautiful movie. One of my favorites of all time!
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