Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The St. Patrick's Day that lasted a week!

Being mom to an Irish dancer (well, now 2 Irish dancers) means that St. Patrick's Day from here on out will be a crazy day. Due to the rain we had here on that day, the Hermosa Beach St. Paddy's Day parade was postponed to the following weekend. Therefore, we had a week of dancing in store for us. Not to mention, Lauren decided to start taking class, and so far she LOVES it!

This is how it started out for us. 8:00 am show at Palos Verdes Country Club

Afternoon show at the Santa Monica Beach Club

8pm show at the Knights of Columbus in Redondo Beach
(I took mostly video at this show)
Monday the 19th show in Palos Verdes

Saturday the 24th Hermosa Beach parade and 2 shows at the Hermosa Pier

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