Monday, September 21, 2009

Be back blogging soon...

I am currently in the midst of planning 3 parties at my house in the next 2 weeks, so my blog postings have been almost non-existent. Once I get through these parties, I will have lots to post and will get back on track! What is on the party planning menu you might ask? Pink/Brown inspired kitchen bridal shower, my hubby's surprise 40th b-day party (yes, he never reads my blog, so he won't see this!) It is a prehistoric theme, then my Lauren's Miss Spider Sunny Patch 2nd birthday party!

Well gotta go...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Susan and the Rain

It has been raining nonstop (not kidding) since Friday evening here in the Dallas area. Having to keep kids entertained at home for an entire weekend reminds me of this book that my mom would read to me when I was little. It was written in 1947 and I still have this book. It is called 'Susan and the Rain'.

It is about a young girl who plans to spend her day out at the farm doing things outside. When it rains, she turns very sad, until she receives a package in the mail with the cutest little plaid raincoat and umbrella set. Complete with rain boots. She ends up loving being able to go outside and enjoy the rain.

I attribute the fact that I LOVE rainy days to my love of this book growing up!

Friday, September 11, 2009

JJ's fun Giveaway

Hey all 5 of my readers!!! My friend JJ who has a great blog has just posted a giveaway in honor of her 1st 100 followers. GO HERE TO CHECK IT OUT! Also..spend some time checking out her awesome blog and photography website!

Congrats to her on her 100+ followers. I aspire to have that many followers one day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009

We had a pretty laid back Labor Day weekend this year. Charlie was home, which was nice for a change. We spent Saturday taking advantage of some sales and purchased a new washer/dryer! I am so excited to get them on Thursday! Then on Sunday, we took the girls to breakfast and then had Charlie's family over for BBQ and swimming that afternoon. The girls had fun swimming and showing off their gymnastic talents! It was non-stop forward rolls and cartwheels for about a half and hour! The adults enjoyed a little drinking, a lot of eating, and a little corn hole. It was a pretty typical holiday for us. FUN!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

La mia Italia: Venice Regatta

Tomorrow afternoon (the 1st Sunday in September), this will be taking place in Venice:

It is the historic Regatta. It dates back to 1315 and it was a way in which the Venetians honored foreign dignitaries and celebrated military feats. Today they still do the historic boat parade and then it is followed by a rowing competition.

I have not yet attended this festival, but I plan to someday. I thought I was going to see it back in February of 2006. My husband and I were in Venice for Carnivale and I had my guidebook with this picture of the beautiful boat parade. Since I am drawn more to pictures than words, I never really read the paragraphs regarding the photo. I just assumed it was something that happened during Carnivale. So I promptly went up to the front desk of our hotel and showed the man my picture and asked him what day that was going to take place. He said.... September! First of all, I was mortified. Although I don't know everything about Italy, I try to at least come across as if I do, so I felt pretty stupid. Second, I was pretty bummed. Evidently there are no boat parades during Carnivale. There is lots more pomp and circumstance, though. That will be another posting in the future when I share with you all my notes on attending Carnivale.

Here is a teaser....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Plethora of Pinatas

Anyone know where that saying is from?? Today is my brother Warren's 39th birthday. It is a yearly ritual that we quote lines from the movie Three Amigos to each other on our birthday! If you have not seen the movie, then I HIGHLY recommend you go watch it! There are so many funny lines regarding birthday's in the movie! Our favorite is the whole scene that talks about what it means to have a plethora of pinatas. There is of course the gift of "a sweater" when they live out in the Mexican desert. And finally, the line that "Today El Guapo is (pause and a stern look from El Guapo) ....Thirty-three years old"! You have to see it to really get the humor...

Anyway..Happy Birthday to my older bro...whom is off flying helicopters somewhere. Be safe and I will see you soon. We have the "sweater" wrapped the "plethora of pinatas" awaiting and I will tell everyone that you are really "33 years old"!
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