Saturday, September 5, 2009

La mia Italia: Venice Regatta

Tomorrow afternoon (the 1st Sunday in September), this will be taking place in Venice:

It is the historic Regatta. It dates back to 1315 and it was a way in which the Venetians honored foreign dignitaries and celebrated military feats. Today they still do the historic boat parade and then it is followed by a rowing competition.

I have not yet attended this festival, but I plan to someday. I thought I was going to see it back in February of 2006. My husband and I were in Venice for Carnivale and I had my guidebook with this picture of the beautiful boat parade. Since I am drawn more to pictures than words, I never really read the paragraphs regarding the photo. I just assumed it was something that happened during Carnivale. So I promptly went up to the front desk of our hotel and showed the man my picture and asked him what day that was going to take place. He said.... September! First of all, I was mortified. Although I don't know everything about Italy, I try to at least come across as if I do, so I felt pretty stupid. Second, I was pretty bummed. Evidently there are no boat parades during Carnivale. There is lots more pomp and circumstance, though. That will be another posting in the future when I share with you all my notes on attending Carnivale.

Here is a teaser....

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the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

I think you might just be an Italian at heart!!! ; )

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