Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lauren's 'Over the Rainbow' 5th Birthday

She's 5!  There is no doubt that my girls are my greatest joy in life.  Getting to plan these little theme birthday parties for them, is another.  After many options that she started discussing about 2 days after her party last year, a rainbow theme was the one she picked.  I must say that it was very fun and pretty easy to put together.  Since her #1 request was that we have a bounce house, the park was the obvious choice for location.  Here in southern California, outdoor parties are so nice since the weather is pretty much always great.  So here it is: Lots of friends, a bounce house, a surprise visit by Bubblemania and a "sweet" cake and we were set!

Lauren is quite a child.  She is so incredibly sweet, yet very sassy, all rolled into one.  I can go from loving her so much I can't even stand it, to wanting to pull my hair out because she drives me insane.  All in the matter of about 5 minutes.  At the end of the day, she is a beautiful child (those curls and dimples), she is very smart, she is very sweet and loves her friends.  She began Kindergarten this year and is doing very well.  She also is a very busy girl taking art, ballet/tap, hip hop Jr. and Irish dancing.  She loves mermaids, princesses, unicorns, and (as to be expected) RAINBOWS!

Party Details:
Entertainment: Bubblemania
Bounce House: Planet Bouncy
Invitations: Polka Dot Design
Rainbow Dress: My Sweetie Bean
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