Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pink Skygirls Soccer

Soccer began today! Just when you thought we couldn't add another activity to our already growing list, here we are. Sarah was very excited to start again. She took the spring off, not by choice, so she was glad to get back at it. It helped too that there was a girl from her class on her team and that the uniforms were pink. Not sure how the group came to the decision of the name The Skygirls, but it is cute! Us moms think it has something to do with all the pink sunsets we have had lately. Hermosa Beach is truly a beautiful place to live.

So today was their first game. Although they played good and hard, they still got beat by the Teal Dragons 3-0. Sarah started out as goalie and gave up 2 goals, but she saved a lot more. When it was her turn on offense, she almost scored 2 herself, but just no luck today. The main thing is she had fun and it was a great day for soccer. Looking forward to a great season!

Oh yea...the girls also started dance this week. Hip Hop for Sarah and Ballet/Tap for Lauren.

Since I didn't post about their recitals this summer here are some photos from that. They both did awesome and put on great shows.

So if you are keeping score:
Lauren: gymnastics & ballet/tap
Sarah: Art, Hip Hop, Soccer, ice skating, and Irish Dance (3 times a week)
Did I mention I am trying to get her on a Brownie troop, too?? Thursday is our only open day, so if they don't meet on Thursday, we are out!

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