Friday, March 20, 2009

Something I had to have.....

These adorable little Matryoshka doll measuring cups have been calling my name for weeks now. I first spotted them at Anthropologie month or so ago and when I was in there the other day I studied them again, but thought, you know I really don't NEED this. Then I was reading a blog I follow, Pioneer Woman, and she did a blog entry about how she couldn't pass them up and how she could see this being something passed down from generation to generation....and that sold me. I probably should have bought 2 sets because I am not sure which girl will want them more, but I figured they could share and it will be something that they can look at and always have good memories about helping me in the kitchen. Sarah already loves to do this. Although the dolls are almost too pretty to use, they are so unique and fun, I can't imagine they will just sit on the shelf!

Also, I recently read another blog where the mom actually threw a Matryoshka doll themed birthday party for her daughter. It was so cute that I had been pondering that idea for awhile and I see in my future throwing a similar party myself. I hope Matryoshka doll stuff becomes easier to find and I am just in love with the use of these for the kitchen.

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