Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

It is pretty much an annual tradition that we spend St. Patrick's Day in San Antonio. We do this because it is my dad's birthday and we like to be there with him. Sarah loves going to see "Opa". This year she had an especially good time because there is now a coo coo clock in the house. I don't think she missed it once while she was in the house. It was the highlight of her trip! She did, however, enjoy going on a trip and helping Opa outside in the lawn. Lauren did not enjoy the drive down, so there for, neither did I. She did however like a new space to explore and all the attention she got from everyone. My favorite was seeing my dad and going to eat Mexican food at Mi Teirra. It is his favorite place, and one of mine, as well. It is a must if visiting San Antonio! It was a nice quick trip, but glad to be back home and have the girls back in their own beds.

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