Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sarah - Soccer Star

Ok..maybe "star" is pushing it. She just played her first game yesterday! I was sad to have missed it, but it was so cold out, that we thought it better one of us stay home to keep Lauren out of the cold. SO since I accompany her to dance, skating, was time I shared her a little bit with her daddy! He said she did really good. No goals, but she made some good plays that led to goals. Her team (The Hurricanes) did win! More importantly...she had a blast and she looked so darn cute in her little uniform. I always pictured her wearing tutus, but she was adorable in this, too. I am glad she likes it and hope she continues to. It is so fun to get to watch her doing things she loves. We are very blessed that she likes to do so many things.

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