Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Gym

Today was Lauren's last day of the summer session of Little Gym. She has loved it so much this summer that we will start next week with the fall session. She has a blast running everywhere and her favorite apparatus is the bars. She also loves playing with the balls and of course, the bubbles. Sarah got to get in on the action today. She was drawn into the gym by the High School Musical tunes being blasted in the room. She was finally allowed in when they saw her dancing in the lobby. Lauren was so cute getting her medal. She was the only one not sure about what she was getting. She even gave it back to the teacher once she had it. After a few minutes, though, she became instantly proud of it and has worn it most of the day. I am so glad she loves this activity.

Lauren is not too sure about the bouncy thing!

Loves the bars

Proud of her medal

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Anonymous said...

your girls are just too precious! love the photos!

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