Friday, August 7, 2009

Speaking of Camping....

This is what Charlie and Sarah set out to do tonight!

Sarah has been dying to go camping all summer and we felt like this would be a good intro to the world of outdoor living. I know Charlie is loving the experience with his daughter, but I know he is out there melting right now. It is 9:00pm and it is still probably 90 degrees. We had a fun evening of swimming and having a hot dog party. Lauren and I will rest comfortable tonight in the cool house without the sounds of creepy crawlies and such. I bet they will be back inside before the night is through!

However, Sarah is on cloud 9. She made a list of everything she needed for the camp out. She is fully equipped with water, a sleeping bag, a flashlight, a book, stuffed animal, and her daddy! I hope she enjoys it!

Isn't it a perfect moon for such a night! is 10:15 and she just came inside crying, saying she wanted to go to sleep in her own bed. Poor baby! She gave it a good try!

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Katie @ said...

Nothing could be cooler as a kid than camping with dad. Your husband is awesome!

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