Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Soymilk...No more...

So today I poured the last little bit of the remaining soymilk in the house into Lauren's little sippy cup. We have successfully transitioned her to regular milk without any mishaps. She had been on soy formula until she was one and when I tried regular milk around her 1st did not go well. I was a bit nervous to try switching again, but once I saw how much she LOVES mac and cheese, pizza, and other products with milk in it...I thought we would be good. I slowly transitioned by mixing regular milk in with her soymilk more and more everytime so she could get used to the taste difference. I am so glad we are good with this now. No more special trips to get her milk (it was sooo much cheaper at Central Market) and no more taking a special stash with us every where we went. It was a routine that was getting old! I feel like my baby is growing up!

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