Friday, February 12, 2010

Vancouver 2010

It all starts tonight! I LOVE the Olympics!

I can't wait to watch the skating, the skiing, the ski jumping, the snowboarding, all of it! I especially love when they do the profiles on the athletes. I think their stories are always so interesting. I can't wait to see Team USA tonight sporting their Ralph Lauren in the Opening Ceremony. Go Team USA! My hubby has been there now for almost a week and I think we have gotten more snow here in Dallas than they have in Vancouver. I told him I would ship some up there if they get desperate! He is working at the bobsled venue.

If I was going, which I am not this time...I would have to have a pair of these. They are so cute and I have heard they are the hot item that everyone wants. Charlie wasn't sure what to bring back as a souvenir for the girls. I say these!

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