Saturday, February 27, 2010

Re-think What Matters: "Must-Haves"

My friend Holly over at 504 Main has been doing a blogging series about the Bare Escentuals campaign on Re-think What Matters. Please go to both Holly's blog and the Bare Escentuals website to read more.

Anyway...this week she talked about the topic of "Must-Haves". I have actually been thinking about this a lot the last few weeks. What do I really need vs. What do I just want. So here are some of my lists that I have made up. I encourage you to make a list of your own. Would love to hear what is on your list(s)!

What are my Top 5 "Must-Haves"?
1.) Health: Not just my own, but the health of my kids, my husband, and our family. If you have your health, you have everything. I have heard this statement with the word "love" inserted instead of health, and I do agree with that, too. But if you are physically not healthy, you are limited in ability to do all things.
2.) Love: I am not just referring to the love that my husband and I share, but the love that we have from our families and friends. If I didn't feel love or have the opportunity to give love in return, I don't think I could survive.
3.) Family: I could not live without family. My kids and my husband are my world. They are my reason for getting up in the morning and for wanting to do all things. In addition to that, the rest of our immediate-extended family is included in that. I think often about how it might be fun to move back to CA or just move to a new city in general for a new adventure, but family is what keeps me here. I love being close to everyone. I love holidays with 15-20 people at my dinner table, I love weekly dinners with my in-laws, I love vacations where the whole crew travels in mass and descends upon some unsuspecting country....I love it all. I would be sad to be away.
4.) Friends: Now in this case, I am not talking about being Miss Social Butterfly...because that I am not. I have always considered myself somewhat of a wallflower. I prefer to have a few really good genuine friends, than have a ton of fair-weather friends. I know my FB account will say otherwise, but hey, that is the beauty of FB. I need to have friends that I can count on in times of need. Even if the need is to escape from my kids and partake in a little wine and good conversation.
5.) The Basics: Food, water, electricity, a roof over our heads, a car to get around, Nick Jr. and milk in the refrigerator.

I am happy to say I currently have all of the above, so my life is great and I really could never ask for anything more.

Fun Lists

"Must Have's" for my Kids
1.) Waffles, Easy-Mac, fruit, yogurt, and milk
2.) Nick-Jr. (Specifically Olivia and Dora)
3.) Something to do (Toys or activities)
4.) Lauren-Lullabies at night
5.) Sarah- Bedtime Stories

"Must-Have's" for the day
1.) Happy/Healthy kids
2.) access to my computer or iphone
3.) to check off items on my to-do list (it is a running list)
4.) The TV and DVR to decompress to at night
5.) 2 children that sleep through the night

"Must Have's" to make my life complete
1.) To see my girls grow up and become successful and happy. To help them plan their weddings would be an added extra bonus!
2.) To travel to Australia/New Zealand, Greece, Sweden, any and all tropical islands. To go back to Italy at any opportunity.
3.) A beach house
4.) For my husband and I to grow old together
5.) To have success in raising girls that are polite, considerate, thoughtful of others, tolerant, and that have an appreciation for the world and all living creatures in it.

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