Monday, February 15, 2010

La mia Italia: Carnival

It is that magical time of year in Venice! I was so lucky enough to get to go 4 years ago when Charlie had finished working at the Torino Olympics. We took an additional week or so vacation all across Northern Italy, and Venice was the main stop. We had a great time. Although it was FREEZING cold, I sort of think it made it that much more romantic. Venice has a mysteriousness (if that is a word) about it. There is something about all the canals, back alleys, beautiful costumes, beautiful architecture, and the history of it all that makes Venice so special.

It is even more special during Carnival. Every where you turn you see the gorgeous ornate costumes. People scurrying off to parties and galas. All the restaurants and coffee shops are packed with people enjoying life and trying to stay warm. It is truly a magical place and one of the best experiences of my life. I get tears in my eyes every time we take that taxi up the Grand Canal. I have been there now 3 times. Each was very special. First time was on my honeymoon in July of 1999. The second was carnival in February 2006, and the more recent was a day trip with my dad in June of 2007. All of them have been great experiences, but Carnival was captivating! Here are some of my photos: Enjoy!

I will write another post on where to stay in Venice soon! We have stayed at 2 magnificent places!


Maddycakes said...

Beautiful pictures and costumes~ so much nicer than Mardi Gras in New Orleans! :) I saw your party on Creative Hostess. I'm currently having a Easter/Spring Tablescape and Parties contest with prizes totaling over $300. Spring parties can be so many things. I say when in doubt post anyway!! Here are a few themes that would work be a spring party~ garden, garden fairy, bumble bee, chick, flowers, ladybug, frog, owl, birds, and tea party to name a few. I think your daughter's party would be a wonderful entry.


Holly said...

Amazing photos Tamara! I wish we would have went to Venice when we were in Italy...hopefully sometime soon!

marissa said...

oh by gosh that sounds so cool I wish I could get out there for carnival some time

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