Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sarah's Super Fun Weekend

What a great weekend this was. It finally looked liked a normal February day in Texas outside. We have had more winter than we know what to do with this year, so 60 degrees and sunshine felt like heaven! Sarah had a big weekend. It was the start of soccer and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Sarah has surprisingly been looking forward to soccer and her coach even commented after practice the other night that "Sarah was Back!" SO I am super excited for this. Last winter she was soccer star and then sort of didn't do much but look cute on the field in the fall, so I am glad she is getting back into it! Her team tied their first game. Sarah did score a goal, but it was called back due to being right on the line. Bummer! So she had fun and enjoyed it. Go Hurricanes!

Pre-game phone call from Daddy in Vancouver

Give me a five- Great job Sarah

Today, was the Alpha Chi Omega Fashion show. It is a yearly tradition for Sarah and her friend Audrey to participate in the show as future legacies! Click here to see them last year! Me and Audrey's mom joke all the time that they plan to room together at the Alpha Chi house when they attend TCU. I think as they get older we may not want to push this thought so much. TCU is on a current path to making it near impossible for anyone to afford to go. But I digress.... Back to the fashion show. The TCU chapter of Iota Lambda puts on a fashion show every year at the Ft. Worth Club to raise money for victims of domestic violence. This year I am proud to announce that they were able to give $3800 to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation and $34, 304 to the Tarrant County Women's Center. Since the TCU Alpha Chi's started doing this fashion show 18 years ago, they (we) have donated over $300,000 to aid the victims of domestic violence. We are very proud! So not only a proud day for me to see my sweet walking down the runway, but proud to be an Alpha Chi and an alumnae of this chapter that has done so much for such an important cause.

Perfect display of my wonderful photographic skills. I can never get a non-blurry picture. It was even on the sports setting!

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Anonymous said...

what a CUTE fashion show outfit! do you get to keep it? FUN!

oh, and on the camera- i am in no way a photo star - but for me, i push down the trigger half-way to let it auto-focus and then push down the rest of the way-- just takes a second more... and you usually get crisper pictures (usually!)... and, if you are waiting for an action shot, you can hold down halfway for quite awhile and once you see your shot, click all the way and there you go. let me know if that works!

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