Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gotta Love this Party!

Today Lauren was invited (Sarah, too) to her little friend's birthday party. Her friend was turning 2 and is just as in love with Elmo as Lauren is. Me and her mommy started brainstorming ideas about a month or so ago and I did a little research through the blogs I follow to get ideas and inspiration! We had previously collaborated on the May Day party. The following is the final product. Other than pointing out a few websites to the mommy, I cannot take any credit for this, although I loved talking with her about it! The kiddos had so much fun. She had cute activities for them like: digging for Elmo treasures in the sand "pit", playing with the parachute and the bubble machine, and watching a little Elmo himself on the Sesame Street. She had about 4 kids that were around age 2 and about 5 that were around age 5. We had yummy chicken and fruit for lunch with cupcakes and Elmo cookies for dessert. There were even little goldfish "Dorothy" snacks! All in all it was a sweet little 2 year-old party! Very cute!

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