Monday, May 18, 2009

May Day Tea Party

What a great day it was yesterday for Sarah and her little friends to get together for a little tea party. I have been wanting to do a May Day theme party for forever, so when one of the other mom's mentioned wanting to do a tea party for the girls, we decide to collaborate ideas and go with this theme. It was pretty much a success, except for the maypole! The girls liked it and want to play with the ribbons, but 5 year-olds are not quite old enough to grasp the concept of doing a dance to braid the ribbons. We will try the maypole out again in a couple of years!! Otherwise, they loved making beaded necklaces, having the tea party with the magical pink tea (pink lemonade) and twirling around in their little skirts and dresses. We had little sandwiches, fruit and cookies for the girls and the mom's got to feast on strawberry salad and spinach/Parmesan cheese dip! It was a gorgeous day for all the little fair maidens to frolic in the sun!

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Brooke Meyenberg said...

Oh how cute! What a fun Spring time idea! Love, love, love it! So gosh darn precious.

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