Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My favorite thing about May

May is great month....Spring has arrived for good, school is almost out, the days are getting longer, but most of all, my hydrangeas begin to bloom! Last year was sort of an off year, but this year they have come in with a bang! I have them in all shades of pink and a little lavender, as well! My favorite is blue and I have bought some to add to my collection. Maybe by next year I will have a ton of blues ones, too! At current count I have around 200 blooms. That is not counting the ones I cut for the May Day Tea Party and the ones I have in my kitchen! Hydrangeas are by far my favorite flower. I will take them over roses any day!

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Gadora Wilders said...

Tamara, I share your love of hydrangeas. 200 blooms... I sooooo wish I could have seen. My grandmother Velma had a big bush in Andalusia, AL and I remember it TOWERING over me, for years, along the walk to her house. I hope yours are that healthy. Miss yous.

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