Monday, May 4, 2009

Vegas Weekend

What a fun weekend I just had. It was a nice break from the kids and daily life to zip out to Vegas to be with the girls and just have a good time. We had lots of great food, lazy time, and party time. We started our weekend off with a few drinks (of course) and then headed to dinner at Los Caminos at the Palazzo. Highly recommend this. The guacamole was outstanding and so was my dinner. We then headed over to the Venetian to see what was going on and we spent most of the time in a lounge and then we went back to the room to just hang out and visit. The next morning we drug ourselves to the pool and lounged in our cabana. This was sooo nice and quite a little luxury. Lucas, or cabana boy, waited on us hand and foot and brought us breakfast, lunch, and all the cocktails in between. We laid out a little bit, gambled on the horses, and just relaxed. I was so mad that I picked the wrong 50:1 horse to win. I would have won $500 instead of the big zero. That night we had dinner at Zefferino's at the Venetian. We were all a little drained from the night before but we figured since we were on the guest list at Tao that we would mosey on over for at least one drink.....little did we know what was about the transpire. First off, there were about 200+ people in line and out the door. We proceeded to follow a group of girls into the club, but promptly got stopped. We informed the guy we were on the "list" and he said so was everyone in that long line, but he had mercy on us and pulled us to the side and got us in right then in there. So we not only got line privilege, we paid no cover, and found ourselves upstairs in what we would find out to be P. Diddy's and Jay-Z's post fight night party. We were in prime position by Chloe Kardashian's table and had P. Diddy and Jay-Z and their entourage walk right next to us not once, but twice. The little mini concert they gave was awesome and celebrities such as Adrian Brody, David Arquette, Mel B. and Balthazar Getty (just to name a few) came and went throughout the night. It was surreal and we kept wondering how the hell 4 moms in their 30's ended up in what was one of the hottest parties in Vegas that accident! It was quite a weekend!

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