Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lauren: 21 Months

Well, my baby is growing up! Today she is 21 months and 2 years is just around the corner. She has had a string of bad ear infection since February, so she got some not so good news today. She will be getting tubes in her ears in about a week and a half. I say "not so good news" because I know she will not enjoy this process, however, hopefully she will start feeling better and sleeping better at night. For both her and her tired parents!

That aside...there is other stuff to report at this milestone. Somehow over the weekend she picked up that my name is Tamara, so about 50% of the time, that is what she calls me. I try to correct her, but I must admit that it is very cute when she does it. Especially when I am awaken in the morning to hear her calling "Tamara? Tamara?" on the monitor!! She is also becoming quite the little talker. Not just baby talk, but making sense talk. She signs along with her words too. "More milk", "Please", "Thank you", "Bless you" after you sneeze, and other 2 word combinations like "Sarah's shoes" seem to be her favorites. She has even surprised us with counting to 11!! Her and the dog have become best buddies. Lauren likes to snuggle in the dog bed and Peaches is loving being treated to pieces of waffle and snack crackers. Lauren knows and loves bathtime. She scurries up the stairs like a little hermit crab. She doesn't love swimming so much and especially being splashed. I am sure that will change with age. We have now officially gotten her down to 1 bottle a day (bedtime). I know we are way behind on this, but this is an accomplishment even though it is a late one. She LOVES Sesame Street and thinks Elmo is the best thing since whole grain waffles. I can put Sesame Street on the TV and she is happy and content for at least a half hour at a time. (We watch a lot of Sesame Street these days!) She is becoming quite the little girl. She is looking less and less like a baby all the time. She likes to walk holding hands more, sit in big chairs, and feed herself with a spoon. I welcome the "terrible two's" (we all know it is really the terrible 3's anyway)! Lauren is a sweetheart and hopefully she will start feeling better in the next couple of weeks with her ears getting fixed.

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