Monday, July 27, 2009

Pretty Papers

I just happened upon these beauties last week while walking through Northpark Mall in Dallas...

I happen to love Paper Source and was so excited to see it. I could live in that store. Everything is so pretty and it just inspires me to want to plan parties, scrapbook, do art (which I wish I was good at) and all other types of crafty things. Since I couldn't resist these wrapping papers (seriously who wraps a gift with something this pretty, only to have it be shredded up?) I bought one of each. I figured the world map would go perfect in the girls play room, the Eiffel Tower and the map of Paris would go perfect in Sarah's room since she is a Paris fanatic, and the Italy map would go guessed it, ME! I will post some pics of the finished projects later, but for now just enjoy these pretty papers!

BTW...there is another store in Dallas called Paper & Chocolate...carries these same ones, but also has a US map, an Ireland map, and a few others...I had to restrain myself to keep from having maps in every room in my house! I love them!

1 comment:

Amy and Craig said...

I am totally obsessed with paper! I absolutely love Paper & Chocolate! My dream is to open a store exactly like it!!!

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