Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Day/Derby Day Party 2010

You might remember that last year me and friend of mine threw a May Day Party for our daughters and their mutual friends. Well, we did it again this year. Only this time....Derby Day landed on May 1st too, so we decided to incorporate that into the theme as well! It turned out to be so great. The rain held off for us and it was perfect weather. The girls enjoyed a nice little tea party, complete with real china, pink "tea", and a light lunch! They loved doing the tissue paper flower craft and playing with their ribbon wands. I will have to admit it was hard to keep them off the swing set, but they all had a great time. The moms enjoyed getting some cute photos and catching up a bit!

Party Details:
Theme: May Day/Derby Day
Decor: Maypole, Candelabras, bright spring flowers, mint julep cups
Food/Drinks for Girls: Chicken nuggets, fruit, cheese/crackers, Derby Hat Cookies, pink "tea" lemonade
Food/Drinks for Ladies: Strawberry/Chicken salad, spinach/Parmesan Dip with pita chips, Pineapple Mimosas
Craft: Tissue Paper Flowers in spring colors
Favor gift: Ribbon Wands
(find them here at ZuZu Girl)

Derby Hat Cookies (Celebrity Bakery)

Tea Party Time

The Hostesses with their older daughters! One younger sister was napping, the other was probably wanting too! Did not quite make the picture!

Quick run with the maypole!
(Note on the maypole: As with last year..they are still too young to get the maypole dance concept. Maybe when they are all like 8 or 9!)

Here are some of my inspirations for this party:

Photo from Martha Stewart

Photo From Martha Stewart

Photo from Martha Stewart

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Holly said...

My heart melted as soon as I saw the first photo...what a special day and a great idea for a party. I am so stealing this idea next year...or maybe I will just move to Texas and beg my way into your party. Watch out Martha!

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