Saturday, May 15, 2010

La Mia Italia: Castello Di Montegufoni

I recently blogged about Tuscany and the little town Montespertoli that we visit every time we go. I mentioned in that post a castle that we stay at: Castello di Montegufoni

We first stayed here in May 2003 while attending a wedding. It was actually the location of the wedding and all the guests stayed here. It is a charming location that has several great amenities. It is very clean and comfortable, but yet has a rustic charm about it. You typically would stay here if you are planning to stay 5-7 days or more. I believe their policy is for an extended stay and not just a couple of nights. All the rooms are like suites/apartments. Most have kitchens in them and they all have private bedrooms. It does not have a hotel feel at all. There is one restaurant that is open for dinner only and one that is open for lighter meals throughout the day. The type of place you go to get some breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and a couple of pizzas for dinner. The other restaurant is more fine dining and since it is not big, a reservation is typically made. Not so much because the place is that crowded, just so the chefs have a little notice as to how many to plan for. A lot of what they make they buy locally and that day. There is a grocery in the town and we usually go by there and get breakfast breads, meat, cheeses, fruit, and wine to have in our rooms.

The castle also has a nice little pool, which the kids like.

To me...I feel like I am living in times of Romeo and Juliet when we stay there. It is so positively Italian. It is gorgeous with breathtaking vistas. You can see the town of Montespertoli from there, as well as, the Ugolini vineyard. In fact, the Ugolini vineyard has a white villa on top of the hill and we often would look out at it and say how nice it would be if that was our villa. We often wondered who lived there. The next time we visited the region on 2007 we found out who lives there and are now friends with them. We took my oldest daughter in 2007 and she loved Castello di Montegufoni so much that she cried when we left and kept pointing out the window..."my castle, my castle". She was 3 at the time.

La Fattoressa
This is the apartment we stayed in last time. It accommodated me, my husband, my father, and my daughter. The 2nd picture is of the little bed my daughter slept on. She had her one little room!

La Cupola
This was the apartment we stayed in back in 2003. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and a huge living area.

Il Cardinale
This is the apartment Charlie's parents have stayed in twice. They love it. It has a kitchen and huge family room. 3 people always stay with them.

Here we are in 2007. Yes, I was about 5 1/2 months pregnant with Lauren.

Me with my dad!

Dinner al fresco on the terrace. This was pretty much our entire group we traveled with.

Castello di Montegufoni and the countryside!

"My castle, my castle"!!

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