Friday, May 28, 2010

Off to the Emerald Isle

Well we are just a few days out from jetting off to the Emerald Isle for a couple of weeks and then heading on to France for about another week and a half. This trip has been almost a year in the making and I can't believe it is upon us. I am excited to see the sights, but what I am most looking forward to is spending some quality time with my family (immediate and extended). We won't have all the interruptions of daily schedules, TV, FB, etc...We will be spending time talking and doing things together. I can't wait for my girls to experience another culture. I know it is not like we are visiting ancient tribes in Africa or anything, but the European way of life is different from ours. We need a break from Easy Mac, Nick Jr., trips to Target, etc.....all of which we will be dying for come the end of June I am sure! We need a little time to walk and enjoy the sights, we need to broaden our horizons and try new foods and not try to eat in five minutes, and we need for the girls (especially Sarah) to see that there is more to the world than what is within 10 miles of our house. I know there will be challenges with food for the girls, no naps for Lauren some days, TV and toy withdrawals, but with 15 people in our group...I think the kids will do just fine. When our nanny, Linda, joins us 1/2 way in that will be a blessing for sure! Charlie and I are most excited to have her take the kids the night in Paris we have dinner reservations at the Jules Verne. It will be a most wonderful dinner to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary!

We pray for safe travels, no sick kids, no lost luggage, and perfect weather! I may or may not be blogging while over there. This is my first overseas trip to take since I began this blog, so I am not sure if we will have great computer connections, if I will have time, or even if I will want to! You can bet if it is crickets chirping around her for a few weeks, there will be lots of posting going on when we get back!

Don't you just love these graphics. You can find them HERE...they have all sorts of cute items to buy with graphics from many countries and states, as well!

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Anonymous said...

have a WONDERFUL time! i can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures!!!!!

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