Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rob and Nina's Wedding: Rehearsal Dinner

What a night to kick-off the big event! Rob and Nina selected a very popular Dallas restaurant as the location for their rehearsal dinner. In fact, they selected the whole restaurant. It was private just for their event. I am still not sure how exactly they pulled that off on a Friday night, but I am sure a pretty penny was involved. The location was La Duni Latin Kitchen!

It was a fantastic party. The ambiance inside was very festive and the staff was great. Mojitos and other drinks of choice were easy to find and the food was amazing. It was served family style and we had a selection of Spanish favorites. For dessert, the tres leches cake they made in house, was fantastic! It was great to have food that was different from what the wedding reception menu was planned to be! The party lasted well into the wee hours of the morning. I headed back to the hotel around midnight, so I could get my beauty sleep...only to get a call from Nina, whom I promptly told to go to bed so she could get her beauty sleep (not that she needed it)! My husband wandered in at some point hours later. I was told the father of the bride was buying drinks for the staff, I am sure it was a lively party after I left!

Here are some photos!

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