Monday, March 29, 2010


You might be wondering (or might not) about the adorable little furry creature that is pictured above! I thought she deserved a post. She is a part of our family, after all! She is our sweet little cock-a-poo, Peaches! We happened upon Peaches in the summer of 2003 while we were living in Riverside, CA. We were following typical tradition and thought that before our baby came in the winter, we needed to get a dog to get a little practice taking care of something other than ourselves. We found Peaches at a dog rescue adoption at Pets Mart in Riverside. She had me at hello. She was sitting very sweetly in the back of her cage. She was not at all like the other dogs. They were all scrounging for your attention, but not Peaches. Perhaps she knew her cute look would just sell itself. It worked. The lady who had been taking care of her said she was just the sweetest, so I was sold.

It was estimated that she was about 2 when we bought her. So our guess is she is around 9 right now. We brought her home and we quickly found out that she was indeed already house broken! Yeah! We tried and tried to have her sleep in her crate downstairs, but that didn't work, so it wasn't long before she was up in our room in her own little bed. I vowed I would never actually have the dog in the bed, but when Charlie travels she always parks herself in his place. To be honest, I never correct this behavior. She is too sweet.

Now my husband, although he loves her, might have a different take on my lovable pooch. all fairness, she is not perfect. She was diagnosed soon after we got her with separation anxiety! Really, that is a condition that dogs can have, I asked? Oh yes, and does she ever have it. We have had her now since 2003 and she still shakes when we are getting ready to leave the house. She runs around like a maniac when we return. She has to follow me around the house everywhere I go. She pooed in every room in the house one time when I left for the weekend. Charlie said she was a nutcase and wouldn't eat while I was gone. He calls it crazy, I call it love! :) She does like to swipe food from the girls and jump on the table when we leave the room. She does not like to get her paws wet and therefore is most stressed out when it rains or snows. She does, however, love walks, treats, tummy rubs, sun-bathing and more treats. She is great with the girls aside from the food swiping. She is a protector (barks at strangers, strange noises), but would not hurt a fly. She is my sweet Peaches and I can't imagine a better companion!

Peaches likes to be in photos...

Here she is in doggie heaven...asleep with her mommy on the couch.

Sleeping in Heavenly Peace

Since she is no longer allowed on the couch since we have leather now...she for some reason resorted to this one day.

Thanksgiving....Turkey carcass....Peaches on the prowl....

Oooh...maybe aunt Randi will give me a little taste??? For the record...she got plenty of turkey.

Checking out the snow...not sure if she is going to attempt it.

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