Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Little Artist

One of Sarah's favorite activities is art. Of all of them that she does, art is the one I hope she stays with the longest and would even secretly love for her to make a career out of it. I think Sarah has the talent and the love for it, so we will see. We have been very blessed that in our own backyard is a wonderful little art studio where she takes classes and camps. You may remember THIS POST from last year's Paris themed camp! I LOVE Studio Art House in Southlake. Sarah's teacher, Sarah, is so nice and I think Sarah loves that they share the same first name!

Last week they had a little art gallery showing. This what Sarah painted for the show.

Title: Flutterfly

She did it all herself and I only helped her brainstorm a title!

Here is Sarah with her teacher, Miss Sarah!

This semester they have been learning about several different artists. I would like to share some of her work with you that has been inspired by two wonderful artists she has been learning about; Frida Kahlo and Joan Miro.

First is Frida Kahlo, artist from Mexico: You can go to her website HERE! These are the 2 paintings that inspired Sarah to draw this one. They were learning about the painting where Frida was thinking/pondering something (death).

I think you can tell by the title of Sarah's painting what she was thinking about!

Title: I Can't Wait Until My Loose Tooth Falls Out

Second is Joan Miro, artist from Spain: You can go to his website HERE! Here are the two paintings that Sarah's class was inspired by. They learned about painting/drawing using lines and shapes.
Title: Nature

Title: Woman and Dog in the Sun

Here are Sarah's creations that were inspired by Joan Miro.

Titles: Circles in the Grass & Eye World

Title: Tower of Shapes

Here a couple of other pieces of artwork she has created lately. Two of my favorites!

Title: I Like Pink Poodles in Paris


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Holly said...

What an absolutely amazing art class and experience. Did she sell her painting for top dollar..just kidding. Her painting of the Flutterfly is sweet.

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