Monday, June 29, 2009

The latest with Sarah

Well this past week was a fun one for Sarah. She got to stay home from daycare and do an art camp for the week. The art camp was titled Passport to Paris. They did all sorts of fun projects that centered around that theme. I was most impressed by her Eiffel Towers made out of wire, her watercolor of the Seine, and her cute Parisian T-shirt! She had such a blast and she absolutely loved her teacher, Ms. Sarah! I think they have bonded since they have the same first name. I only wish I could have her do art camp the rest of the summer. She seemed to really love it!

Also, Sarah FINALLY lost her 1st tooth on Friday. It has been wiggling around for weeks and finally decided to come out in the pool on Friday...yes the pool. Thankfully she noticed it was missing and we had her cousin Heath over who was able to locate it at the bottom of the pool. She was so excited that she could not wait to go to bed so the tooth fairy could come. Her friend Megan has supposedly "taken a picture" of the tooth fairy, so we know she exists. She looks a bit like Tinkerbell as a little bright light that floats around apparently. Sarah was excited to get her dollar and a little tube of lip gloss the next morning!

I promise and update on Lauren soon. I know I don't write as much about her, but she is not doing as much as Sarah. She mostly watches Sesame Street and wants to be carried around, so not much to report!

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