Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

......a day late! I was under the weather yesterday so I didn't get to post this then, but I did manage to call my dad and wish him a great day! I am truly lucky that I have been blessed with such a wonderful daddy! He is everything anyone would want in a father. He is kind, loving, supportive, smart, stern when needed, and a jack of all trades. He can literally fix anything, I am convinced! I love that he is fun and enjoys a good time, but that he never is overly loud or boisterous. I love that he is smart and knows a lot, but always listens when you have something new to share with him! I love that he is hard working, was a stern principal, but yet so well liked and well respected. I love that he likes "daddy" things like working around the house, ranching, and watching sports, even though I will never understand how even 2 obscure teams can capture his attention so much on a Saturday afternoon. I love that he is a great "Opa" to my girls! They love being around him so much and he is always so great to talk and play with them. I love that my daddy always has and always will do anything for me and for our family! I love you! Happy Father's Day!

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