Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summertime Fun Jar

Since summer officially began this Sunday, I decided it was time to bring out Sarah's summertime fun jar! She had a blast with it last year and we have added a few things to it this year! This is how it works....whenever she is "bored" or having a blah summer day she gets to pick a paper out of the jar. Each paper has something written on it that is fun to do. Ex: go get ice cream. go to the park, go swimming, play a game with mommy, paint, etc.....This year we have added playing with sidewalk chalk and play-dough. She is a lot better about not being as messy with these. Also we have added riding her bike and feeding the ducks at the park. It is a fun little thing that gets us through those slow summer moments!

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Anonymous said...

another "Martha" moment -- LOVE IT!

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