Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wheathering the Stormy Wheather

What a night of storms....It didn't even look that ominous and I was not expecting at all what happened. It started out for us at CPK. We were having dinner and slowly the wind began picking up. Before we knew it trees were blowing and the wind was gusting. So much so that huge branches were being ripped from trees like they were a sheet of paper being ripped in half. I had never seen such huge branches just flying off like it was nothing. I started to get nervous at this point because CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) is practically a green house. It is wall to wall windows. At one point they shook, but luckily no shattering. We waited until the storm let up and then came home only to find our power out. When this has happened in the past we have always seemed to be the last neighborhood to get it back. Last night was no exception. Everyone else had power before the sunset that we could see, but we did not get it back until about 12:15. So Lauren went to bed easily and was out like a light. The darkness did not seem to bother her a bit and neither did the storms we had throughout the night. Sarah on the other hand is a little fraidy cat, so we set her up in her tent in our bedroom. She had a blast!

It is still storming this morning. I see lots of lightning as I type and it is very dark outside. I love the rain, just hate for the power to go out.

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