Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day 2010

I love this day so much and unlike other holidays...this one can and should be celebrated everyday! I wrote last year about some of the things my family does to help out the Earth, and I am glad to say we have added to our list, well, just a little. But every little bit helps, right?!

In addition to last year's list, here are a few things we have added:

1.) We no longer buy plastic water bottles to keep in the house. The only time these are purchased is for a party or to take when feeding a group of kids. Otherwise, we use our re-usable containers and drink our water from the tap or filtered from the frig.

2.) We finally got an energy efficient washer and dryer. They are great! They hold so much more, so I am doing less loads of laundry. I can also customize my settings which helps out with not wasting energy.

3.) We only buy organic dairy, egg, and (almost all) meat products for use in our home. It has resulted in a slightly higher grocery bill at the end of each week, but I feel if you don't put priority into what goes in your body, then you have your priorities mixed up. I don't mind paying extra for certain clothes and material items, so why not what I eat. Our health is the most important thing, so it is worth the extra cost. So what does this have to do with the Earth, you might ask? Well, animals are part of our environment and are a part of the life cycle and if they are being unnaturally subjected to hormones and anti-biotics then that is harmful to the Earth. A cleaner Earth is what we should strive for. Less of this type of stuff where it is not needed. I would eventually love to be vegetarian all together, as not to harm my animal friends at all...but this is requiring baby steps on my part, but steps nonetheless. I been very intrigued by Alicia Silverstone and her book the Kind Diet and her blog the Kind Life. I strive to get a little closer to this everyday.

Along the same lines of is also important to try and eat locally. That is why I want to remind everyone that the Keller Farmer's Market is back. You can read about it HERE. I have blogged about it on my other blog...Le Petit Hameau.

There is also a new magazine out in the DFW area all about eating locally. It is called Edible. Go to their link HERE to read more about it and subscribe!

So those are the few changes we have made in the last year.

Some other things I want to share with you today are as follows:

The new Disney movie OCEANS is out today. If you go see it within the next 7 days a portion of the profit will go to saving the coral reefs in the Bahamas! I can't wait to take Sarah. I think the earlier you start your kids thinking about saving the Earth, the more it just becomes second nature to them. For Sarah, recycling is not a concept we are trying to get her to grasp...she already gets it and is teaching Lauren. She talks constantly about doing good for the Earth.

I have recently come across this product that I will be purchasing this week. It is called Lunchskins. They are basically a re-usable form of baggies for your kids lunch. Since Sarah does not like to eat what is at the school 90% of the time (I am a glad...we need a little Jamie Oliver to make a stop by), we use at least 2-3 baggies everyday. So that is about 360 baggies per school year. So, if I use these, just think how much plastic I am keeping out of the landfills and the environment in general. They are too cute, too!

I have a another blog I like to read in addition to The Kind Life. It is called Nature Moms Blog: Guide to Green and Natural Parenting. She has had so many good posts on so many topics. Check it out if you have some free time. Go back and read some of her previous posts, too!

Hope you have enjoyed some of these tips and ideas and strive to be (not perfect) but a little greener everyday!

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