Monday, April 12, 2010

Bluebonnets: A Texas Tradition

It does not get more Texas than photos of your kiddos in the native flower. Every year I swear I am going to hire a professional to do these photos. It is always so hard to get them to cooperate, especially for the same picture. Either on is smiling or the other, but rarely both. I should have learned by now, that these pictures do not have to be posed. They do not have to both be looking at me with smiles on their faces, they just need to be natural. I wonder sometimes how a professional would get them to do what he/she wants, then I think, they are probably just capturing what the kids give them. And they will give you a full range of images to capture....smiling, looking away, studying the flowers, running away, being scared of a bee, name it they will do it. So....this year after we were done and I looked at the photos I had taken, I decided to vow to never have a professional take these photos. I expected to not get but 1 or 2 shots that were decent, but then I found I had so many more than I could have hoped for. Each one was unique and captured something about my girls that I love, and I am so glad that I, captured it. Next year, I plan to relax, wait and see what they do, not stress about smiles and looking into the camera! What a great way to spend a warm, spring afternoon.

I didn't even realize I had taken this one until I got it on the computer!

She looks like a little lady

Striking a pose...but really probably wondering if she was in ants

I love them checking out the flowers. Love Lauren's eyelashes!

Eyelashes Again!

My sweet Sarah...

....Loving spring and the bluebonnets

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