Friday, April 2, 2010

My Tree and Me

One of the things I love and am currently obsessed with his family history. I have spent the better part of the past few weeks diving in to the sea of information that I have on my ancestors. Thankfully, my mother kept excellent records and my dad's side of the family is all German, so being from Fredericksburg, TX everything is recorded. My husband's side of the family is proving to be a little more difficult to find. Not only because I am not as familiar with his family history, but his ancestors are relatively new to the country. Ex: his grandmother was a war bride and came from France. His great grand-father on his mother's side hails from Dublin, so records are harder to find when they are overseas. On my mother's side of the family we have ancestors that date back in the US before it was a country and in TX before it was a state. I am proud to say that that heritage entitles me (and my daughter's) to be members of the Daughter's of the American Revolution and the Daughter's of the Republic of Texas. I am in the process of becoming a full member at this time.

So anyway...I digress and could talk about this topic and my family history all day long. I have thought about doing a blog series of posts on it, so we will see. So in my quest to finish the puzzle which is the Tatsch/McDonald family tree, I came across the most awesome ways of displaying your tree in your home. I saw it the March issue of Martha Stewart Living and the website is My Tree and Me! Check out some of these options:

There are others but these are my just thought I would share! If there is anyone else out there who is into family history like I am, send me a line if you have found any cool websites yourself, or any genealogy search engines that you have found most helpful in your search. And if you think you might be related to all me!!

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Green Girl said...

Those are so beautiful! My mom & I enjoy working on ours when we go home to visit. We use Brothers Keepers to input all the data and it seems to be pretty easy. I think one of those pieces of art would be a perfect gift for her! Thanks for the link & photos.

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