Sunday, February 22, 2009

Swan Lake

Back in July I bought tickets for Sarah and I to go see Swan Lake. It was a long time coming, but soooo worth the wait! Texas Ballet Theater put on an amazing performance of this magical classic. I have only seen one other ballet done by them (The Nutcracker) and was expecting this not to be as good. The Nutcracker was so great, I didn't think they could top it. Well they came pretty close. The sets were wonderful, the costumes were beautiful and the dancing was excellent. The lead roll of Odette could not have been danced any better in my book. She was so great in that role. I always cry at the ballet and this was no exception. The final scene was so moving I had tears in my eyes. The only thing that could have made this performance any better was to have a live orchestra. So if you live in the DFW area...go support your ballet so they can have enough money to get the orchestra back! Sarah thought it was great, as well, but it was a little lengthy and not as "fun" as the Nutcracker. All in due time she will be as mesmerized as I was!

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