Thursday, February 26, 2009

Signs of Spring

What are the signs of spring? Well, it was quite evident today while we were basking in the warm 80 degree temps, that yep, spring is near. (If not already upon us!) Some early signs are the jasmine vines that are blooming everywhere, the pear trees are starting to sprout their little white blooms, and the snakes are a crawlin'! I just had a feeling when I went for my walk this morning that I was going to happen upon one of those slimy little, good for nothing characters. Thankfully he was small and seemingly harmless, but I steered quite clear of him. My mom used to always say that if you see a baby snake, the mother isn't too far away, so I got right out of there. So spring is upon us and it is a little early this year. I think the groundhog must have been a little confused this year.

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