Friday, February 13, 2009

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren!

I have taken some photos of Lauren recently and just wanted to share. She is a total handful these days, but she is also getting sweeter by the second. She is doing great at daycare 3 days a week and absolutely LOVES being in the young toddler class. She will start full time over there in about 1 more week. She is so cute sitting at the little table and chairs having snack with all of her friends. The only not cute part about it is that they are all actually eating the snack and Lauren just licks on it, but I have every confidence we will be there soon. I think being around those kids that often will be good for her to want to start eating regular food. I am already seeing little signs of progress, so I have my fingers crossed she will turn the corner soon. We have been practicing at home a lot, too! (Note the pictures) She is also waving bye-bye, trying to say Sarah and Ma-ma, and she dances up a storm! She is a sweetheart, just ready for her to get a little easier!

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