Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Le Petit Hameau

Just wanted to share with those of you who read this blog some info about the store my in-laws own. They have very graciously given me a little part-time job there and I have enjoyed working there a lot the last couple of months. In fact, I loved a lot of their product before I started working there and now I just want to buy it all to put in my home. The name means "the little hamlet" and the store mainly carries items that have been imported from Europe. There is some American made things in the store and some home decor items bought from the local market, but the best stuff is what they have personally hand picked while on their travels to Europe. My favorites being the Italian pottery and French Provence linens. I have actually personally been to the ceramic workshop in Certaldo where they get the Italian pottery and love everything that man makes! It is just him and his one assistant that hand paint everything and he only ships to their store here in the US. They also have jewelry from Barcelona and Paris and some of the best smelling candles, soaps, and lotions I have ever seen. The German Christmas corner is also very unique and is so beautiful t look at. Who cannot be happy looking at Christmas stuff all day long! So check out their website, and better yet, come stop by sometime. They are located in Keller and I work on Wednesdays and Fridays until mid-afternoon! Come say HI!!

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