Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sarah's New Glasses

Sarah could not be more thrilled to have glasses! We are all a little surprised, but so happy that she thinks it is the best thing ever. We found out in the fall that she failed her eye test at school, took as awhile to get into her Pediatric Opthamologist, and then took 10-15 days to get her glasses in, so here we are....the end of January and finally she has them! She has been so cute with them. She thinks reading is so much more fun now (although they are not really to help her read). She just had a hard time seeing things in the distance. She also cleans them about 15 times a day and she is very protective of her case so little sis doesn't get into any of it. I am so glad she is enjoying it and that so far it is a good experience for her!

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