Thursday, January 28, 2010

Best Cookies in America: Girl Scout Cookies

Well that maybe an exaggeration, but they are an All-American icon for sure. Right now Sarah (a.k.a. Sarah's mom, a.k.a Me) is in the midst of selling Girl Scout Cookies. So far she has sold just over 100 boxes! All going to her family, friends, teachers, and the troops overseas. Sarah and I both agree that the Thin mints are the best, however, Lauren has not quite acquired the taste. She will stick to the plain old shortbread herself. While Charlie on the other hand, actually has both hands in the peanut butter boxes. One for the PB Patties and the other for the PB sandwiches. Just look at all the yummy choices!

Which ones are your favorite??

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Holly said...

Thin Mints ROCK! I still mourn the loss of the Kookaburra (yeah...that was when I was a Girl Scout.) Our local troop is taking 20% of their earnings and donating it to the library...our little city is in financial turmoil!

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