Thursday, October 8, 2009


My baby turned 2 today. There are times it seems like it has flown by and other times it seems it hasn't! I think Lauren is a wonderful 2 year old. She is my "wild" child, but deep down she is a sweetheart. Tonight she had a wonderful Miss Spider Sunny Patch Party. (I will have lots of pictures to post soon!) She loved her party and all her friends! I think she had a great day.
So she will have her Dr. appointment next week for the specifics, but here are the things that you probably really would want to know:

1. I have heard her count to 13, but others have heard higher
2. She is speaking pretty clearly with some phrases, such as "I love you", "Night, night, mommy", "More juice (milk), please", "Your welcome", "Thank you", (she is very polite) "My turn", etc...
3. She eats well with a spoon/fork and can drink out of a small regular cup
4. Her favorite food is "roni and cheese" (macaroni & cheese) She also likes applesauce, bananas, grilled cheese, garlic bread, spaghetti, Life cereal, waffles, and ice cream!
5. Her favorite show IS the Fresh Beat Band (I must admit, I sort of like it too) She also likes Barney and Sesame Street
6. She likes to do gymnastics with her sister in the living room. She does the cutest little "bridge"
7. She LOVES the Little Gym and likes to swing on the bars
8. She also LOVES her daycare and likes her music class
9. Her best friend is Addison
10. She loves to read books, play with balls, dance, and paint
11. She also likes to NOT sleep at night, but at this point I have almost gotten used to it.
12. She is still potty training and is getting better all the time
13. She is such a doll at age 2 and we are very fortunate.

I remember the day she was born very well. Her birth was soooo much easier than Sarah's was and I remember it stormed that night. (We are expecting storms tonight, too) Lauren was such a sweet baby when she was born. Precious and so beautiful. Happy Birthday my love!


Holly said...

So Sweet...Happy Birthday Lauren!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lauren!

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