Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Charlie!

Today is my hubby's 40th birthday! I can't even believe that! I was successful at throwing a surprise party for him on Monday night at our house, so we have kinda sort of already celebrated! The party theme was "Prehistoric". I got the idea from another blog that I read, Jackaroo Love. I cannot take full credit for the theme idea, but I did play off of it a little different! It was a perfect theme for him since I am always kidding with him about his age. (We are 7 years apart!) Anyways...before I get to the party details...I just want to say that I love this man and he is the greatest husband, father, son, brother, best friend, anyone could have! He IS my life and I am so thankful that I met him 13 years ago this November!

Here he is...the love of my life.....

Now onto the party details....I decided to throw his party on Monday, mainly so all his buddies could attend that work on the weekend. Charlie works out of town on the weekend, for those of you that don't know, so a Friday or Saturday was out of the question from the get go. So his surprise party was the first and last surprise party I will ever throw! It was so hard keeping it under wraps and so much work to get him out of the house and to stay out of the house! It was by sheer miracle that it worked out perfect! We had about 18 people come and even one of his friends from LA made the trip! I would have hoped more of his CA work buddies could have come, but they sent great videos with birthday wishes and "roasts", that it was hilarious entertainment: entertainment that took place at half time of the Cowboys game. I had no idea when I planned the party that the Cowboys would be playing that night, but it worked out great b/c my hubby LOVES the Cowboys and thankfully they won, so all was right with the world!

Here are the pics:

The favors and cake: Boston Cream Pie

The favor for the night was a wine cork with a fern on the top. The label read...Don't "wine" about turning 40, but a cork in it"

Charlie with his buddies Wayne, Richard, and Wade.

Charlie's family: Rob, Nina, Jack, Jetta, Chad, and Mark

My family: Randi, Taylor, Jim(my dad), and Myrtle

Charlie and his brother, Rob

Me with the birthday boy!

Theme: Prehistoric, but not extinct!
Food: Blue Mesa Grill
Crab cakes, steak quesadillas, bacon wrapped shrimp, pork taquitos, guacamole, chips & salsa
Cake: Boston Cream Pie (his favorite)
Drinks: Beer, wine, sodas, and his signature drink: Jack and Coke

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Holly said...

You might be the best wife ever. Way cute party..not that I am surprised. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the theme.

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