Thursday, October 29, 2009

Preparing for Halloween

Preparing for Halloween really starts back in August when I start receiving the costume catalogs...we ponder them for a few weeks, make a decision, order them in September and stare at them all of October! Decorations go out October 1 and then the pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving is to follow. That is typically how it goes. This year we have been in a mad dash to get everything done. The costumes were ordered in plenty of time, but the decor went up a little late and the pumpkin patch was almost a near miss due to the rainy weather we have had this month. I am glad we decided to fit it in when we did, or I am afraid it would not have been done. The ground is so soggy and I think we caught the pumpkin patch on the one good day!

Also...normally the Sunday before Halloween Charlie's aunt and uncle host a big pumpkin carving contest. It gets VERY competitive and is lots of fun. This year, however, it was cancelled. Rob and Nina had just gotten married the night before and since everyone was so tired from the weekend, I guess it was decided that we wouldn't have it this year. Also, it wouldn't be the same without having Rob there. He always amuses us with his same little pumpkin face every year and he is always soooo confident that it will win. So this year, we just did our own little pumpkin carving at home. Sarah had requested a scary face...not too scary...but scary.

I can't believe that Halloween is in 2 days! I am thankful the rain should let up for Saturday night and I will be taking lots of pictures as usual. What's on the costume menu this year you might ask????? Sarah is Little Red Riding Hood and Lauren is a little ladybug. What is on your costume menu??

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Katie Becker said...

LOVE this pictures -- so cute! have a great halloween!

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