Friday, March 15, 2013

Vamos Rafa!

To say I have an slight obsession with Rafael Nadal might be an understatement.  Of course, just by taking a look at the guy you can see why he instantly caught my attention and was an early favorite of mine.  However, the more I read about this guy and the more interviews I see, I am convinced he is so much more than a good looking Spaniard who is an amazing tennis player.  He seems to have been brought up by a wonderful family who have taught him to be a great champion, have humility, not seek the spotlight, how to have some class and to value family and friends. 

Every year in March he comes to Southern California and I was determined to get out to the desert this year to see him in person.  My first attempt was a classic fail when I went out on Monday only to miss his practice and then not get to see him play due to his competitor dropping out.  So I was fortunate enough to have the 2nd chance to try again on Wednesday.  Take a look at how I spent my day.  Ultimate success! 


This is probably one of the few sporting events I have ever been to without a media pass, and I am certain had I had one I would have ended up meeting the guy and getting a photo with him.  Gotta get my husband to start doing some tennis matches!

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