Friday, March 15, 2013

Ski Week in San Antonio

 There is actually no skiing in San Antonio, but since we are not ski people, we decided to head down to S.A. and visit Opa and Myrtle.  Daddy was in Daytona and the girls always have such a blast visiting the city.  It really is a great place for families and kids.  February is actually a pretty mild month and the Stock Show and Rodeo is in town.  Here is a look into our time there!

First thing we did when we landed was head down to the river walk.  It was a perfect 70 degree day so we had a little Mexican food at Casa Rio, one of our favorite spots, and enjoyed the afternoon.  The girls got ice cream and we enjoyed walking around.

We then went back to the house.  Lauren with her Opa.

The next day we headed out to the Stock Show and Rodeo.  I remember growing up going every year to this.  For 2 weeks you can go and see all the animals, ride the carnival rides, and see a rodeo every night.  The girls don't get much of the country experience I grew up with so I thought this would be a great activity for us to do.  They LOVED it.  They had fun seeing the animals (although Lauren refused to walk through the cattle barn.  She about passed out from the smell!) They enjoyed the rodeo, too!  Sarah was a bit sensitive to the calf roping and any competition that involved strangling or wrestling an animal, but she is my very sensitive, free spirited California girl, so  I wasn't surprised.  On a related note...she has often talked about going vegetarian because she can't stand the thought of the animals being killed, but then she always says, "But bacon is so good!"  I have to concur.  So is Thanksgiving turkey, steak and lobster, and that good ole In n Out burger!

For our next outing we headed out to Natural Bridge Caverns and Wildlife Ranch.  This was a new experience for all of us and I HIGHLY recommend it.  The animals at the wildlife ranch were amazing and you can get super close to them and feed them.  The caverns were also way cool.  Lauren was a little afraid to go into the caves because they were dark, so Myrtle stayed above ground with her.  Sarah on the other hand, loved it and it was really awesome!

The last day we went to Gruene for a little shopping and Landa Park in New Braunfels so the kids could play a little.  Great little park that is even better in the summer. Here is Opa with his grand-daughters.

One more night was had eating out for Mexican food.  This time we went to Mi Tierra.  A San Antonio landmark.  Great food, atmosphere, bakery, and it NEVER closes! 

Flying home....oh look,  you can see where our house was when we lived in Riverside from the plane!  Next to that reservoir. Almost ready to land!

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