Friday, March 15, 2013

Feis Fun: Early 2013

Going into 2013 Sarah's goal was to get out of prizewinner and the "grades" and into the preliminary champion level of Irish dancing.  Secondly, she wants to dance her best at her first Nationals this summer.  Regardless if she recalls, because the competition will be very tough, she wants to dance well and enjoy the experience.  And finally, she wants to recall at Oireachtas again and hopefully place higher than 15th.  We are happy to say and so proud that she has accomplished goal #1 and will be competing as a preliminary champion at her next feis in April.  Here are some highlights from the feisanna so far this year.

Feis in the Desert, Chandler AZ - January
 1st Place N/PW Slip Jig Special U9

Feis Orange County - February
 1st place N/PW Treble Reel Special U9

Feis Rinnce Conejo Valley, Westlake - March
 5th N/PW U10 Slip Jig Special
5th N/PW U13 Treble Reel Special
8th Junior Tramore U13 Reel Special
14th St. Patrick's Day U13 Special

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