Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kylemore Abbey and Clifden

Now that it is March and we are getting in the St. Patrick's Day/Irish spirit, my goal is to finish blogging about the Ireland portion of the trip. So we continue on....

As we made our way South from Donegal and drove in western Ireland, we made a stop at a place called Kylemore Abbey. What a wonderfully beautiful, quintessentially Irish place. It was even gray and rainy the day we were there, so I really felt like I was in Ireland. It used to be an Abbey and is now pretty much just a tourist attraction. I must admit, I did take the tour, but was so wrapped up by its beauty and was busy snapping photos, I didn't really pay attention to the history lesson that was given. It has a history, and it is interesting I was told, so look it up and read about it and go visit it if you ever find yourself in Ireland. If for nothing else it has beautiful grounds (even a botanical gardens, which we did not visit due to the rain that day), and it has a great gift shop. Not a cheesy one, but a really nice one that you buy expensive jewelry at and jams and jellies made on site, etc... A nice day trip visit, just up from the town of Clifden.

Doesn't Charlie looked thrilled...It was raining just enough to be annoying, but not enough to keep us from seeing the Abbey.
My most favorite part of the Abbey was the red velvet furniture. These shots are pretty much straight our of the camera. The light was so perfect, it really captured the richness of the fabric.

Pretty flowers blooming all over Ireland

In addition to the Abbey, there is the Gothic Church. Not very big, but very pretty. NOTE: When visiting, please take OFF wipes or bug spray with you. The church is nestled amongst millions of little biting gnats. They were too small to see, but really did bite hard. We quickly got in and out of there.

Now, as for Clifden...we did not explore this town a whole lot. It was really just sort of a place to stay for the night. I will say that it was quite quaint and I would have liked to explore a bit more. We ate dinner at a wonderful place! Mitchell's!

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