Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cliffs of Moher

Without a doubt, the Cliffs of Moher are a sight in Ireland not to be missed. It was my 2nd favorite location we visited, 2nd only to Giant's Causeway. The Cliffs of Moher are these majestic cliffs the reside on the western coast of Ireland in Co. Clare.

I will admit that with 2 small children I had been quite stressed as to what to expect when going to the cliffs. I had nightmares about my kids running around and me not being able to catch them, or strollers inching dangerously close to the edge, etc... I had pictured a flat piece of prairie land that dropped into the Atlantic without warning. This is however a very safe attraction and one that is quite family friendly and, without fail, a MUST-SEE.

This is if you stay within the barriers provided and follow the signs appropriately.

We could not have been there on a more perfect day. It was sunny and warm (for Ireland standards.) The girls had sweaters on, but it was quite comfortable for us in short sleeves. The Atlantic was as blue as could be and the grass equally green. It is the type of place you could sit out at and enjoy the view the whole day and not get tired of it. There are a few different points at which to view the cliffs. I took about 200 pictures there that day. We were there at about high noon, so I was a bit frustrated with the light being a student of photography. I yearned to come back at sunset or wished I had been there in the early morning hours. Alas, I will just have to plan to come back as photographer and not a tourist next time. If you do plan to spend the day there, note that there is a restaurant to get food and there are gift shops to be shopped. We did not eat there, so I cannot vouch for the food, but just know it is available. We, however, had stopped at a general store before hand and got some ham, baguette, cheese, and fudge to snack on for lunch. We had a nice little picnic on the side of the road in Doolin where we stayed the night.

Charlie and his dad. The 2 of them along with 90% of all the other visitors ignored the warning signs.

The next post will about Doolin: Where we stayed, where we got the most divine fudge, where we had a wonderful dinner, and the pub my daughter Irish danced in!

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